08 September 2010 1 comments

FOAT, zero draft.

Sergei Stolkov and Andrew "Mike" Villanova officially have their story.

Just shy of 95k, the zero draft is complete.
I'd have to troll back through the annals of my LJ to see just how long it's actually taken.  Less than three months, I think. Given the length, I think that's ... astounding, personally.

Okay, fine. Mind-boggling. Especially given that it has a complete plot arc. w00t. That's the real feat, from my perspective. It is, in every way, a complete book. The ends aren't all tied up neatly, or anything, but... given the serious consideration to an additional novel, a companion, it's not strictly necessary.  And as far as the two main characters are concerned, the story is done.  Which is, really, all that matters.

So now... back to slaving on the Black edits. Fixing the plot, largely. I have one month to do it. That is my self-imposed deadline.