30 January 2012 2 comments

Setting the Mood: the Music of BTB

Although much of Blacker Than Black was created with trance music for my writing space, there are a number of songs that resonated with the story and with certain scenes or muse-moods when I was struggling through a certain passage of prose.

Without further ado, I give you the music of BTB:
27 January 2012 1 comments

A Sense of Rhythm

When I was a kid, I took horseback riding lessons with my older sister. It was fun.
Our instructor liked making us switch mounts halfway through the lessons, so we would learn how different ones moved, learn to adjust. My sister never liked this. No two horses were exactly the same height; different legs, different carriage, different energy.
To me, it didn't matter. Off one horse, on the other, picking up the gait and cadence of their stride without missing a beat.
"How do you do that?" she wanted to know.
And I'd just shrug. I had no idea. I just did it.

14 January 2012 2 comments

Foodporn With Jan: Now, With Swag!

Is it the weekend? *blinks and looks around* It is, isn't it. Where the past couple months have gone, I couldn't say. Been working myself assless, to say the least. BUT! I survived the hell of the holidays in the retail industry. Again. No big deal. Happens every year. This, however, does not: look at the pretties I got in the mail today!

04 January 2012 0 comments

Equality =/= Neutrality

Exploring Feminism & Gender Variance.

This, on many levels, is a subject that needs addressed, has needed addressed. For many, many months now -- even before the upheaval and fallout of this past fall.
The words were slow in coming to me. Or rather, they were there all along, they just needed to settle into the correct order.

At long last, they have.