23 May 2012 1 comments

Plans For Summer Camp

So I've set a goal to finish the WIP known as the Trunked Novel Overhaul before the end of June.
That leaves me with, roughly, somewhere between 40-50k needing written, with the bit of backtracking I needed to do in order to detour around some plot-block issues I had.

One of my fellow Riptide authors tweeted this morning about "Camp Nanowrimo" which, not surprisingly, I'd known nothing about because I live in a cave under a mountain most of the time.

At any rate, I've signed up for the June camp.
And because I'm silly and sentimental and this WIP has been with me forever, I tossed up an old sketch for the "cover art" spot:

A piece inspired by one of the original characters, which has since been smooshed back into a lump of clay and recreated along with many others. The concept prevails, though. And I am acutely aware that I have less talent for drawing than I do for writing. This is here because, as I said, it's been a long journey and it has sentimental value. Not because it's actually good or anything.

Come on Writer's Tree. Give me some more juice!
Off to pour a fresh cup of Thai Nguyen and buckle down to get a few thousand hammered out today.
Look for regular(ish) updates on my progress over the next few weeks.
I'll try to share some excerpts.

21 May 2012 0 comments

Bloghop Winners!

Thanks to everyone who followed the "Hop Against Homophobia" this past weekend. The participation was huge and it was so awesome to see all the wonderful blogposts raising visibility and awareness of not just homophobia, but transphobia as well.

The winners of the two copies of Dark Edge of Honor are:

Erica (eri.pike@gmail.com)


Ashley (ashley.vanburen@gmail.com)

Check your email account for your ebook, and thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by and comment at Haus of Rhi!

17 May 2012 22 comments

Homophobia Awareness Ebook Giveaway!

One of the things that turned me toward M/M romance was repeated encounters with a double standard of homosexual acceptance.
For years, everywhere I turned, I kept hearing the same thing: "women can be lesbian, nothing wrong with that, but two guys that is just wrong and gross and unnatural."

And yes, I've heard a reversed version of this double standard in which a person accepts male homosexuality but rejects the validity of the same in females. But I've heard it a great deal less often. As in, so rarely it's virtually nonexistent.

Now, I'll be the first to acknowledge that it's a reading preference when it comes to book content. How a reader finds entertainment and the subject matters they enjoy most are individual and unique, nor should they ever be infringed upon.

But when those personal preferences are focused outward and reflected on others to dictate what is or is not acceptable choices, or valid identities or orientations, when one individual seeks to set limitations on social acceptability and equality? Then there is most definitely a problem.

People fear what they don't understand, and so often that fear translates into hatred, suppression, and discrimination.

In Dark Edge of Honor, my co-writer and I tackled just that -- from two wholly separate angles. The romantic plot arc of Mike and Sergei's relationship is a two-sided battle of self-identity, confidence, and acceptance -- mutual and individual. It isn't a journey that Sergei, more prominently, makes easily or quickly. His is the most obvious, in part because he's a member of a society and culture that expressly and actively prohibit homosexual activity. He begins the story, in fact, as a homophobic person despite his awareness of his homosexual nature. He knows he has this "dark, ugly side" of himself, and he can't help but indulge his "baser cravings."
Mike's struggle is more subtle, and largely internalized. His cultural origins encourage freedom of individuality and equality, yet he has suppressed himself. Learning to open up again, to find the courage to be vulnerable and feel, is a more subtle thread in the story.

Share you thoughts, or your own experiences!
Comment on this post with a contact email address to enter my "Hop Against Homophobia" drawing.
Open worldwide. Entries close 20 May 2012 at midnight (EDT). Two randomly selected commenters will win a free PDF copy of Dark Edge of Honor. Winners will be contacted via email, and also announced here on the blog on 21 May.

Check out the rest of the authors, reviewers, and readers supporting the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia! For the full list of Hop participants, click here.

09 May 2012 9 comments

And Somewhere Along the Way...

I figured I should offer an update on what's going on over here in the mayhem that is my Writing Corner. Well, I was feeling slumped and distinctly lacking motivational drive to work on the WIP projects that were on the top of the "To Do" list.

It was that "ehhh" sensation, where as a writer or artist, it's best to step away from a project and focus on something else. Or take a break completely, a vacation from effort to rediscover some vigor.

And then my dear friend, the Wielder of Claymores and Hand Grenades, sent me a catalyst of sorts.