13 November 2012 4 comments

WIP Wonders Never Cease

I have been trying to stay unplugged today.
My writing related efforts have been limited to WIP research in the form of a series of tarot spreads that demanded exhaustive interpretation. Not that it was much of a demand; I looked at the cards and the meaning just flowed from me onto the pages, fitting into the characters and their situation and struggles as easily as though I'd deliberately chosen which cards went where. It's going to fill the last pages in the first giveaway notebook, and begin the second with another.
Fang & Fire, Animal & Element
I'm saving a blank page at the end to write a personalized note to whomever the recipient ends up being. This journal is very much a collection of tarot spreads, interpretations, discussions of the finer points of the main characters, exploration into their deeper motivations, and a smattering of raw, unedited prose -- scenes that may or may not end up in the final version of the novel when it's published. Plus a few random snippets of descriptions and lines of dialogue, standing alone without reference or orientation.
Outcome and Avatar, The Moon on Water & The Journey
A story forged from tarot cards was birthed on these pages. I truly hope readers find both as much enjoyment in it, and characters with whom they can sympathize and relate, as I have while creating them and following their journey along the labyrinth. It's been a joy getting to know these two main characters intimately as I did each tarot spread for them, listening to what they thought the cards were saying, and how they chose to employ the wisdom found.

And like anything else, the end of this story won't be the end of their journey, but a rest-stop. The Moon on Water is the still point of potential; they'll have other stories to tell and a hundred other adventures. I wonder if they'll let me tag along when this one's done...
Mind you, this one isn't quite done being written just yet.
09 November 2012 0 comments

The Writer's Process: Losing Sense & Increasing Sensitivity

One of the things I've learned to do as a writer is to make use of all the various senses while using descriptive prose. It drags the reader in completely, lets them submerse and engage.
I've also toyed with, in certain scenes--specifically in "Blacker Than Black"--leaving out the engagement of a specific sense for a reason. It's a short sequence,  and I recall a discussion with the editor who felt the need for there to be some type of description of visual cues to ground the reader.
"No," I responded. "The narrator's eyes are closed."
05 November 2012 2 comments

The Writer's Process: Mapping Out An Emotional Journey

I spent a good chunk of my meal hour at the day job writing out a scene in the latter half of my WIP. The MC has begun feeling detached and withdrawn, at least emotionally. It could be that Zhar comes to life a little more in the process of rewriting from my notes.
But something felt... not exactly off, I guess. Given events thus far, I don't think I would fault my MC for being slightly detached or emotionally withdrawn. But I needed some clarity and some structure to what is going on.
02 November 2012 1 comments

The Writer's Process: Goals and Deadlines and Nano, Oh My!

No, I'm not doing Nano.
Not really.
Okay, well, maybe I sort of am.
But it's not like I'm going to hit 50k for the month. That hasn't happened in a long while.

I am, however, not at all above shamelessly using the deadline to churn out the second half of the WIP on my desk. It's still not hit 50k yet, hovering just below that point. I'm not entirely certain what the final wordcount on it will be. Not 100k ...I don't think. One way or another, though, my goal is to have a complete first draft to edit and polish in December.

For me, Nano stopped being about wordcounts a few years back. It evolved into a concept of setting a goal for myself for the month, and then reaching it. Regardless of what it is. November is probably the only month that I actually engage in this sort of structure. Mostly because attempting to force the structure of a solid story doesn't have a very nice outcome for me. I've been sitting on the same scene for a week now with the WIP because I couldn't come to terms with the direction I saw it going. My subconscious was whispering one thing, and my conscious was thoroughly at odds with subjecting the characters to that level of distress.