29 March 2012 1 comments

The huMan/huMan Genre: On Responsibility

The definition of the word is: the quality or state of moral, ethical, legal, or mental accountability; burden.

Writers, as artists, have a responsibility to both entertain and challenge their audience.
Granted, not every work of art will deliver both in equal measures.
But both responsibilities exist, if the artist is one who seeks to challenge themselves, to grow and evolve. There's also the responsibility of quality, which encompasses any number of aspects including subject presentation with sensitivity, authenticity, etc.

12 March 2012 0 comments

Invasion of the Shinies

This afternoon, the weather was warm enough, for the first time on a day off, to venture out with Iron Mike and do our walk. I still have no idea how long it is. It takes about thirty minutes. We don't walk slow.
On the way back, I stopped to check the mail. Mistake. Ended up juggling two large packages along with leash and keys. Thankfully, Mike's a sensible creature and didn't trip me.

At any rate, boxes!
05 March 2012 0 comments

Artists Don't Refill at the Gas Pump

I'm discovering what feeds my inspirations, and it's rather strange.
Or maybe I just have strange tastes.
Or maybe it's just a case of the creative tide shifting. These sorts of things happen when they feel like it, seriously. I can string words together in sentences all day long, and sentences into paragraphs, etc. but if it gets me nowhere fast, it's useless.