Imagine A World Without Labels

Welcome, Winter.

Snarky & Snarkier

And the Rainbow Award for Best Gay Futuristic/Sci-Fi Goes To...

That Sounds About Right

There is Beauty in the Darkness

Countdown Begins Today

Timing is Everything

Ones and Zeros: Breaking Past Binary

Meet the Muses: Origin: Black

Six Sentences: A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Saturday Snark: Military Equivalent of "Wardrobe Malfunction"

WIP Wednesday: A Boy & His Gun

Six Sentence Sunday: "Blacker Than Black"

Foodporn With Jan: Oh, Yummy.

Jack and John O'Lantern

WIP Wednesday: Dancing Circles

Six Sentence Sunday: Dark Edge of Honor

One More Day

Saturday Snark: Another WIP Scene

Look What I Found!

Where Can I Purchase a Luck Dragon?

Making Ugly Beautiful

Saturday Snark!

Black Has A Blurb!

This Space For Rent.

Just Let Your Love Flow

Saturday Snark

I've Got Time For a Quickie

What I'm Writing: WIP Tease

Dry Umbrellas: A New Turn of Phrase

Plotting to Take Over the World

Depressingly Optimistic

As the Rush Comes: Focus, and WIP Snippet

Trunks & Running Lights, If Only Horses Had Them

Mug Porn & Swag(ger)

Another Giveaway!

False Advertising

In Living Color

My Mini-Vacation

I Sense a Disturbance in the Force

Meet the Muses: Origin: Mike

A Peon's Thoughts on Digital Publishing & Industry Evolution

Food Porn with Jan: Dinner Delight

Calling a Do-Over On That One.

Food Porn with Jan: Morning Munchies

Food Porn with Jan: Midday Meal

Music Soothes the Savage Muse

I'll Never Be What You Want Me To Be

Blurred: Journey versus Destination

Insert Witty, Engaging Title Here

And... we have website!

Been Talking To Myself Forever

Wading Through Research

And ... We Have Cover Art!

Oh, the Agony.

Behold, the Writer at Work

Reverting to the Old Way

The Big Five-Oh

Deviating from the 'norm'

Diving Back Into The Deep End.

Life, or distractions like it.

Rhi Tries to Write. Hilarity Ensues.

WIP Snippet & Writer Drama