About Rhi

Rhi’s formative years were spent steeped in military culture, and it influences every story—with a definitive twist. Though focusing mainly on science fiction and fantasy, Rhi enjoys spicing things up with a speculative mixture that sometimes defies an easy label. Next to Elizabeth Moon and Meredith Ann Pierce, Rhi counts Jane’s Defense and Popular Science among still-strong influences.
For Rhi, writing is how the muses tell their stories. They might begin small but they rarely remain so. “Some of them require luring or bribery to draw them out. Usually wine and chocolate work well. Other times all it takes is a little art. But once they realize I’m listening, they will just keep going.”

Dark Edge of Honor, co-written with Aleksandr Voinov, was released by Carina Press on 15 August 2011.
Blacker Than Black, Rhi's solo debut, released in print and e-format from Riptide Publishing on 23 January 2012. Fragile Bond released in e-format from Riptide on 18 February 2013. Both are currently out of print. Independent re-releases are in the works.

Find Rhi on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, or check the website for updates and blog notifications. Rhi is also the curator of The Official Home of #soldierporn over on Tumblr, and maintains All Things Trans as well. You can reach Rhi directly at rhianon.etzweiler@gmail.com.