My Mini-Vacation

I'm taking all of next week off from my regular day-job so that I can celebrate DEoH's release-- Snoopy-Dancing and Grinning Like an Institutionalized Loon. Without scaring the customers.
It's not really a vacation, because I'm still working, after a fashion. If it were a real vacation, I wouldn't be staying at home, that's for sure.

If I could take a real week's vacation, I'd be here:
Best View Ever, Bora Bora Hammock.
However, I'm not. I'm in my little writer corner all week long, availing myself to fans and readers and bloggers and such, doing all the marketing and promo stuff that a good little author does.

[Yes, Good Little Author. Pat me on the head and give me a cookie now!]

But I think I'll keep this picture handy. As my desktop background or something, perhaps.

Because, woohoo, that's gorgeous ain't it? They have restaurants with extreme al fresco dining, where the tables and chairs are in the water.

One day, Rhi. One day... Although a week's vacation might become permanent residency or something. Why is it that when you see a view like that each day, you take it for granted, not realizing the true beauty of what surrounds you?

Alright, it's definitely to early for philosophical ramblings. I should get some writing done today.
*waves* Have a nice Hump Day, and I'll see you next week for the Skwee-Fest That Is DEoH.
[Mike just rolled his eyes and shook his head at me.]
Watch it buddy. Or I might boot your ass on the next flight back to Bora Bora, if you're just going to be useless.
Yes, I do retire all my muses there, in fact. Some of them go on vacation there when I ignore them for too long. It's like trying to pry a marble out of cement, getting them to come back to work after that...

So I should really go write. Keep them busy so they don't all abandon me for ... hammocks, and crystalline waters, and balmy temperatures, and skin cancer.