New muse? Noooo...

In the throes of first-pass editing on one project and a co-write on another. Yet all it takes is a generalized comment to birth a new one.

Some people walk through their lives as if they aren't there. Just... existing, and nothing more.

My sister made a similar comment some years ago, when she was in her early twenties. Something to the effect that life felt like a dream, and her dreams felt more vivid than waking life did.  As if she led an entirely separate existence, and this reality was, in actuality, the dream.

An extraneous muse character, who's been lurking in the shadows of my mind for close to a year without making a single effort to grab my attention, sat up and took notice of these mental threads.

"This," says Konaton, "is the direction my story will lead you."
While I'm in the midst of a tandem-write. Yes, thanks Konaton. *pats head* Go back to sleep now. Please. I'll wake you when September ends. And you can gear up for NanoWrimo.

Never mind that Bruce Willis did a very strange sci-fi movie recently that incorporated this general concept... wherein everyone seemed to ride a surrogate body as opposed to using their own. As if the notion of Avatar wasn't similar enough.
But, no... Konaton's story, when I get around to telling it, is likely going to be a good bit darker.
Or... at least much more twisted, at any rate.
And it's at this juncture that Greigar, the genetically-enhanced psychotic assassin chimes in with, "oh, I wanna piece of this action too, Rhi."

Go back to that pretty beach in Bora-Bora for another couple months.  Soak up the sun, enjoy the heat.
Because space is damned cold. And I'm not gonna crank the heat for you two bastards when you start complaining about freezing your nuts off. Nope.


  1. Hey, what happened to my comment from the other night? Hm. Perhaps I didn't complete the task at hand. What are the odds. ;)

    Anyway, nice blog. :))


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