A few last words for the year.

Despite the fact that I'm an obsessive realist, I tend to focus (most of the time!) on the positive.
This has been a good year. A year of changes (thanks, Chinese Metal Tiger) that haven't quite ended just yet (another six weeks) that have all proven to be for the better despite the difficulties they present.  A year of challenges, to the way I think. The way I see myself.  And my writing.  A year of new relationships -- friends, acquaintances, both personal and professional. I feel as if this single year has been the condensed version of a decade. Other times it has felt like it couldn't possibly end soon enough.

I'm looking forward to the coming year (the Metal Rabbit), of peace and introspection as a time to engage more fully in my writing. There will be more to come. A lot more. This, this is just the beginning. I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me.

Beginning the first week of January (to be posted on the 7th) the next Muse in the series will be Black. Yes, the one that's been giving me ten kinds of hell for the past three months. That's the one. I look forward to introducing this particular muse, and hope you won't mind following me a little off the beaten path.  Because... I always take the road less traveled. The path of greater resistance. The probability of hardship is greater, but the experience is all the richer for it. And that, after all, is what makes life interesting.

In February, I'm going to celebrate my birthday by pulling out a muse from my oldest work. One that I've had in and out of the trunk for roughly twenty years. It's an epic fantasy that bleeds over into science fiction, and challenges the concept of magic versus technology. It seems to be slowly turning into the story of a woman, told by the men around her. Brother, father, comrade, mentor. The dynamic qualities of the myriad relationships in our lives, and the influence they have on our choices, our perspectives. Of course, that could all change completely and the story end up something entirely different. *eyeroll* Can you tell I have a love/hate relational dynamic going on here?

Starting in March, I'm aiming for introducing the muses from "Father of All Things", if all goes well. I have a few excerpts that didn't make it into the text, and the cast in the story is more than rich enough to keep us busy up until the book's release later in the summer.

Don't worry, I promise not to spoil the story for you. But I'll tease you, to no end...

And let you walk the journey with me.

I'll let you see inside my head, but it's rather messy in there.  So, no guarantees that any of it will make sense.

Enjoy the holidays, and hopefully they're full of peace and the joy of family. The comfort of home. However you might choose to define those terms.
Oh, and don't forget to go out and watch the winter solstice eclipse tomorrow night...