Behold, the Writer at Work

Scrivener & 'ZeroDraft' side by side.

Yes, more Scrivener porn.
Yes, it does happen to be the Trunk Novel.
There are pieces of it, character sketches and interactions, that are in my mind worth salvaging. At least insofar as they can serve as inspiration and/or catalyst for content I'm working on. Aerdin and his 'shadow blades' were a fascinating little piece I randomly muse-gasmed into existence. No real sheaths… they hide in the shadows of his aural energy, after a fashion. Completely out of sight, and feel, but within easy reach… though only for him.

A little detail I don't want to lose in the rewrite. There are others. Like Aerdin's little 'battle of wills' face-off against Renji. Faulkon versus Idolon. Should be interesting in the rewrite… I'm looking forward to that particular scene. Just need to plot the outline far enough to determine where it's going to fit in.

It feels like the dual POV in this story is going to revolve around providing a contrast into the motivations of the changes in each man's life. Not just for the sake of romantic interest. Jaedyn is driven by a need for vengeance—someone should pay for his father's death. For the attack decades earlier that resulted in his retirement. In his grief, he holds the Emendatio directly responsible for their lack of vigilance even though in both instances the serpens are to blame. Renji, rather unexpectedly, appears driven by duty to his aedis. How long he will let that sense of duty dictate the direction of his life's course, I'm uncertain… Though I suspect that as long as it doesn't conflict directly with his personal interests, he'd accept it.

Time to start plotting out that point of contention, then…