Snarky & Snarkier

It's Saturday! And I'm editing! So, definitely time for a snark break!
And this week, I've decided to tease you with a sliver of Blacker Than Black, since my brain isn't able to really come up with much else. And, you know, only two weeks to go...

This is what you get when you push two equally snarky individuals into sharing space.

No black and white sides here. I study the vampire. Just Black . . . and blacker. “I get the impression you’re not pleased with this development.”
Garthelle takes a step back. And then another, as if abruptly aware of my proximity. “What leads you to that conclusion?”
I wonder how long I can goad him into retreating. “You seem disturbed.”
“Disturbed by the sudden inability to sense your very existence?” He turns away. “Indeed. I would not put it past my opposition to facilitate such.”
“And you’re unbalanced by the prospect of my death. At hands other than yours, I presume.”
He glances at me, a quick furtive look over his shoulder, prey fleeing unflappable pursuit. “No.”
“Because that, as I recall, was the alternative you initially offered me.” I don’t succeed in keeping the rough edge of resentment out of my voice. “My death. By your own hand.”
And that marks the extent of his retreat. Garthelle turns back and faces me, arms folded loosely across his chest. “Your point being?”
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