Foodporn With Jan: Now, With Swag!

Is it the weekend? *blinks and looks around* It is, isn't it. Where the past couple months have gone, I couldn't say. Been working myself assless, to say the least. BUT! I survived the hell of the holidays in the retail industry. Again. No big deal. Happens every year. This, however, does not: look at the pretties I got in the mail today!

Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownie Bars, & Cover Flats
Okay, the noms did NOT come in the mail; the cover art did.
Hello there, Black. You're looking mighty fine, I must say. Jan didn't want to be left out, not after going through all the trouble of inspiring me to new foodporn heights. Chocolate chip cookies were insufficient for this celebration. Those are cookie bars, with fudge brownie layered on top of them. Yes, they're divine, thanks. Alas, they won't be starring in the blog tour giveaway that starts on the 23rd. Nope. Just Black. With signatures, of course. The artwork is gorgeous, if I may say so. ...May I say so? It is gorgeous.

I'm so reluctant to mark them up with my autograph. *laughs*

I simply cannot wait to see this artwork wrapped around the front and back covers of a paperback book. Yes, yes, I'll admit I'm getting a little excited finally.
*breathes a sigh of relief*
And now I'm going to take a breather and devour that chunk of chocolate utopia there on the plate, since it's staring at me impatiently.

See y'all next week... I promise!


  1. *gasp* SWAG!!! *makes grabby hands* wants :D

  2. *wants the dessert*

    I mean...the books wonderful and the cover is -perfect- for it. :D Enjoy your blog tour this week!

    ...oh, shoot, guess I should go prepare that, huh?


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