Appearances & Beauty That Inspires

This coming Saturday (11 February) I'll be at the M/M Italia group on GoodReads for a Q&A session. It's a moderated-membership group, but if you're interested in joining the discussions or asking a few questions, stop on by and put a join request in. Check my GoodReads profile for the group link.

Having finished the rough overhaul of a novella for Riptide, I've taken the past couple weeks off from writing. Part of it was the promo blog tour for BTB, but much of it has been spent refilling my tank, unwinding, and pondering what to work on next.

And then, in a random trolling of the internet, I stumbled upon a piece of artistry, handmade craftsmanship to stop the breath in one's chest:
Tiger & Dragon, Kees Engelbarts
Pricing available upon request. One day? I will request that price. It's not a watch, or a timepiece. It's a work of art. That you strap to your wrist. This is gorgeous.
I must write more. So that I can buy lovely handcrafted trinkets and shinies, like this one.

Behold, intrinsic motivation. Thou art a fickle master.