Playing With Imagery

I really was beginning to focus on the writing again. Within the past week or two, I'd begun fiddling with characters, secondary cast members, and potential entanglements, plot threads.

I've hit on the idea of writing the synopsis before I start writing this. Highly unusual, but I'm going to see if I can make it work. Now that I have the characters in place. It's very much like setting out the ingredients for a baking recipe: once you determine what's going into it, there's usually only one possible end result for what you'll take out of the oven when it's done.

Back in December (I think) I sold a short story. Did a heavy rewrite-expansion, and returned it in late January. Though it was contracted, I knew it was waiting its turn. Yesterday, I got an email from the art director requesting completion of a Cover Art Request for the story. The timing was really bad--I almost face-planted in the middle of the road in the parking lot at work, reading that email.

And I will readily admit that I was grinning for the rest of the evening. Nothing got me down, not even the creepy stranger trying to hit on me.

They needed the form back as soon as possible; the story is slated for release in June. So I spent this morning trying to describe the imagery that had settled into my mind over the past twelve hours. Translation of prose into visual art isn't really a forte' of mine. My struggle with it, though now that I think about it, isn't all that different from my struggle with any other sort of artistic expression. It comes in fits and spurts like a fuel injector whose filter is in desperate need of being cleaned or replaced.

I need to find a high-octane booster to burn the carbon out.
This next one is pretty short, half the length of my novels thus far. Here's hoping it's an enjoyable read anyways!


  1. Oooooo, time to make cover yaaaaay! Can't wait to see :D


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