Plans For Summer Camp

So I've set a goal to finish the WIP known as the Trunked Novel Overhaul before the end of June.
That leaves me with, roughly, somewhere between 40-50k needing written, with the bit of backtracking I needed to do in order to detour around some plot-block issues I had.

One of my fellow Riptide authors tweeted this morning about "Camp Nanowrimo" which, not surprisingly, I'd known nothing about because I live in a cave under a mountain most of the time.

At any rate, I've signed up for the June camp.
And because I'm silly and sentimental and this WIP has been with me forever, I tossed up an old sketch for the "cover art" spot:

A piece inspired by one of the original characters, which has since been smooshed back into a lump of clay and recreated along with many others. The concept prevails, though. And I am acutely aware that I have less talent for drawing than I do for writing. This is here because, as I said, it's been a long journey and it has sentimental value. Not because it's actually good or anything.

Come on Writer's Tree. Give me some more juice!
Off to pour a fresh cup of Thai Nguyen and buckle down to get a few thousand hammered out today.
Look for regular(ish) updates on my progress over the next few weeks.
I'll try to share some excerpts.


  1. W00T for the trunked novel!! *sends lots of inspiration energy your way*

    And... I like the Insignis pic. Vera nice. Horses are something I've never been able to draw real well. Those suckas are hard!


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