The Writer's Process: Totally Pantsing It

So... update!
Ah, this feels so strange.
I've only been working on this WIP for, what, five weeks? (I suck at updating regularly, and it shows.)

And while I haven't hit 50k yet, which would be like a NaNoWriMo all on my own and would be all kinds of impressive, it's sitting at 36k and feels like it might be the halfway point.

Alas, alack, I really have no idea. But I've written roughly 10k in the week of vacation time I've had from the day job. For me, that's better than a good solid pace. Usually it goes slower than that. I even had some lagtime in there where absolutely nothing happened for a few days. I've tried pushing before, nothing good comes of it. Whatever I push ends up needing hacked and reworked. I've learned to let things stew until they feel right. It's what works for me.

At best, I've only a tenuous and vague notion of where this is going and what will happen next. But then, that's a fitting description for how this entire story has gone thus far, so I'm trying not to be too terribly nervous about it. I made a skeletal plot sketch back at the beginning of September when I started, and the lads haven't entirely veered off course yet, so there's still hope for me to make a strong finish with this and wrap it up by the end of November.

I refuse to let another Mercury In Retrograde put me in an artistic funk. It will not happen, damn it.
The drawback here? At the rate I'm going, I'll only use a single notebook for the longhand portions of this story. I haven't even managed to fill this one to the halfway point yet.

If it means I only have one notebook to give away this time, I'll just have to use the other two for other stories. Sequels, perhaps. Which is increasingly plausible, because I stumbled into Z's family in this last scene, and the entire clan is grinning at The Writer and waving their stories under my nose.

This makes me want to cry or something.
One at a time y'all. My gods. Now I have to come up with a series title as well as one for this book? Guys! You're killing me.
Apparently the notice about me sucking at titles got lost somewhere.