I read a book! It's amazing, actually.

I have this enormous TBR list, and I don't find much time to read anymore. Between the day job routine, writing projects, and general boring mundane stuff like finding time to eat, do yoga, and keep the house from looking like a landfill, reading is rather low in clout when it comes to prioritizing.

It's taken me months to finish a single book, in fact. I've been reading Meyer's Into the Fire since last fall when I received a complimentary hardback copy. In that time, I've added another five books to my pile.

Meyer's book has left me with mixed feelings. I knew writing a review for this one would be difficult. Just reading it has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. Over the months, I've shared quotes from the book on #soldierporn [you can find them by scrolling through the Reading List tag, here]. But even those don't convey what it evoked as I read it.

I need to figure out how to describe the impact this writer and his story have, after reading of his failed suicide attempt with a Glock. A weapon he kept loaded in his glove compartment; a weapon which has no safety.


A weapon unloaded by someone else.
Who saw him sliding down a spiral toward that moment.

It drives home how epidemic the issue of veteran suicide truly is in this nation. 

Hopefully I'll do a better job of describing my thoughts on the book after I've left it seep in for a few days.
[ETA: My review can be found over here on Goodreads.]