Ebb and Flow

It's come back to me, and I am so, so very relieved.
Back in October, the anthology piece I was writing just...stalled out and died on me. I was struggling with the relational dynamics between the characters, how best to proceed with constructing a believable interplay that would engage some emotional investment from the audience.
This project has been excruciating for me on a number of levels, but what I've struggled with most is the faint undertones of questionable consent. Not on a sexual level, but a relational one. The power play between the main characters, the dissonance that occurs. I still don't know if it will have a "satisfying" resolution.
But then, I didn't go into this WIP with the expectation of a positive or even satisfying climax taking place. I think I've worked my way around to that much--a satisfying climax, as the case may be--but the resolution that takes place in its aftermath is unlikely to leave the audience with more than the bitter taste of discontent.

I find it difficult to find the right words to describe what's taking place in my head, never mind the story. But it's coming along finally, the tide has turned and with it the story's energy and inspiration and driving motivation are returning to life as well.

A thousand thanks to my betas, for their assistance in that regard.
After Nano bombed out on me with such a spectacular belly-flop, I was getting a bit concerned. This, however, is a great way to begin 2014, I'm pleased to say.
Knock on wood that this trend continues, because I have Red sitting over there staring at me with this expression that says, "well fucking hurry up already, because it's my turn when you're done there."


  1. ~Rhi River~River~Rhi

    PS Am uncivil~Am primitive

  2. I am the river,
    The river is me.
    What I send forth,
    Comes back to me.

    Primitive =/= uncivil.
    Or, if it does, I'm glad to be both, as you.
    Namaste, Brother.


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