High hopes and little victories.

Releases October 13, 2014.
So, it's now official enough for public knowledge:
The military anthology for which I've completed a short story is slated for release in mid-October, just in time for GayRomLit, and has a confirmed title and cover art.

I'm so excited. Mostly because I completed a story. Yes, it's short, and I'm still doing some tweak editing, but thanks to my Magical Betas of Awesome, it has a solid ending that I don't loathe with every fiber of my being, as I do most endings that I write.
The characters are ones that I enjoy immensely, and their entire squad is likely just as interesting too, come to think of it. I expect there will be more of tattooed, red-headed heathen Chartreuse Beaudrou and his battle buddy, Kainai medicine man Apisi Howling. No, neither of them look anything like that hairless, pale hot toddy on the cover there. But that's okay. He's doing his job quite well, too.

I did my damnedest to keep their story "contemporary," which isn't something I write a great deal. Okay, fine--it isn't something I write at all. The only way I managed it was by giving myself wriggle room all over the place, and shading word choice and phrasing to allude to things that mean nothing from the perspective of the story, but could mean whatever I want them to, or need them to, when I dig deep and write their sequel/prequel/full-fledged story.

So come on over to the anthology's Facebook group and check out the full complement of contributing authors, and show your support! This anthology will be limited availability, from October through March.