Teaser peek without spoiling anything.

With a story as short as my piece "Blood & Peyote," I don't really feel comfortable actually offering an excerpt. Even a small one offers up too large a chunk. I've seen a few readers comment that they don't want to spoil the surprise and pleasure of reading the anthology when it comes out.

So I've devised a substitute. It offers a bit of the mood, tone, and flavor of the story and the characters without divulging anything of the actual narrative.
Behold, I give you the soundtrack to "Blood & Peyote." Each song was chosen to coincide with a specific scene and section. The exception is the twelve-minute "Blackfoot Fire" which is included for the sole intention of conveying something of Apisi Howling's culture, as well as his weight in the story.

In the event that Spotify doesn't work for you, I've created an abridged Blood & Peyote from rhi.e on 8tracks Radio as well. There are a couple songs missing from it, namely "Healing Touch" by Green River Ordinance, and "Blackfoot Fire" by Niall. Apologies, but I make use of Spotify quite heavily in my writing process, so that's my preferred venue.

I've added these to my website as well. I'm planning to discuss the music choices and influences more in depth after the anthology releases, since I don't want to go spoiling the surprise for anyone and there's little chance I can manage to avoid that.