Tarot Conversations: A Time & A Place

(From L: Mary-el, Arcana, Lumina, Darkana, Wooden)
The Wheel of Fortune in the traditional tarot structure is customarily portrayed as a wheel construct or form. The cyclic nature of life, of seasons, the constancy of only one thing -- change -- is inherent in this card's meaning and interpretation.

For me personally, this card evokes a theme introduced early in life while still beneath the influence of religious upbringing. And despite the deviation of my spiritual path away from those teachings, I find that some truths are simply universal and cannot be claimed, contained, or constrained by any particular faith or path. In Hinduism, it is dharma, the principle of cosmic order. In the West, it is Ecclesiastes 3, written by Solomon, recognized as a king of Israel by both Muslims and Judeo-Christians.

There is a time and a place for everything, a season for everything under the sun.

The Wheel: Fortuna, the heartless and unbiased goddess of Luck and Chance. The Orbweaver, webspinner of Fate, Destiny, Synchronicity. I cannot force or push things to happen faster than they're meant to. Does that mean everything is preordained and I don't control anything? Of course not, but there is a rhythm, a natural cadence for the pace at which things occur. Embracing that and acting in synchronicity with the energies of my environment and those around me will cause things to happen with greater ease, with less effort and strain, with more positive outcomes. Sometimes I must bide my time and follow the path through the darkness, knowing it is not unending, knowing that the sun will return, just as the moon swells and fades, just as the tides surge and recede, just as the heart beats in my chest.

Accepting the natural order of life, working and moving in harmony with it instead of straining uselessly against it. Waiting for the chance to come around, that optimal moment, and recognizing it when it arrives, grasping the opportunity with both hands and making the most of it. This is what Fortuna is for me, this is what I see in the Wheel. It is a reminder to attune myself to nature, to ground myself back to the earth, to remember that we inevitably return to the earth from which we came.

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  1. Much enjoyment here! My thoughts align with yours here - I also checked out The Byrds whilst thinking about this card - gorgeous song, and fits so well with the theme imo. Thanks Rhi x

  2. I appreciate your insight into the idea that the wheel speaks to us of needing to accept our place within the rhythm of life. That this doesn't necessarily mean pre-determined but only that rhythm and cycle exists, and we are a part of this whole thing. (I may have posted twice, I apologize)

  3. I love the part where you talked about "moving in harmony with it instead of straining uselessly against it" That is something that I am currently working through with the Wheel of Fortune in my every day life. Phenomenal post!

  4. The song Turn, turn, turn is definetly the perfect song for this card. I also was humming this along writing about the wheel. So funny.

  5. Wonderful post!! I remember "Turn, Turn, Turn" growing up and I, too, thought of it while working on my blog hop post. I find I agree with a lot of what you wrote. Really enjoyed reading this - thank you.


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