Energy, Focus, & Positivity: As I Will, So I Make It Be

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This month's Tarot Rebels Blog Hop topic is about reading tarot card reversals, and why I choose not to employ reversals in my practice.

And yes, it is directly related to my philosophies of magic-working and pagan belief system.
Not that I adhere to a specific system of singular construction. I'm an eclectic, a spiritualist of indeterminate path. But the fact remains that I've spent much of my adult life hypersensitive to the energies of others. I adhere to the belief that attitude, outlook, intent, and focus have as much influence on events, choices, and those around us as the gravity holding us to terra firma. I expend a great deal of effort maintaining a deliberate focus on the positive aspects that can be found in any given situation, and the positive options and advantages that I can find for both myself and others.

I approach tarot reading with this same frame of mind. In such a perspective, there's no place for reversed cards implying blockage, lacks, or negativity. Instead, when I look at a spread I see the landscape of its entirety, and take into account the interplay of adjacent energies in interpretations. I see myriad potential forces at play, vortices ripe for manipulation toward positive momentums and outcomes.

Dreams of Gaia, daily reading.

In one sense, it's a bit like using "english" on a cue ball to set yourself up for the next shot. The backwards spin on the cue ball would make it travel the opposite direction from where you want it to go, initially. But it doesn't keep the ball from successfully impacting the desired target. Once that has happened, the momentum is "released" to influence the ball's speed and travel.

What might be seen then as negative energies, aren't viewed as such in my mind. I am simply aware of the potential, or the existence of the urge, and when the timing is optimal for entertaining those energies and letting them guide me, I release them to do so. This approach has a good bit to do with shadow work, self awareness and acceptance, and self actualization. In order to realize one's full potential, one must embrace all the aspects and urges of the self and recognize them. Weaknesses can become strengths if the situation and circumstances are correct. There is nothing bad or evil in any of us, those "demons" are just simply misunderstood. I don't require upside down cards in my tarot deck to recognize and acknowledge those shadow energies. That's what my shadow work is for... and even then, all the cards remain upright.

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  1. Thanks for sharing - I love the magickal aspect of reversals!

  2. Great cue ball example, thanks for sharing this perspective...always looking to expand how reversals can be worked!

  3. Our thoughts on reversals are somewhat aligned. I do believe that whether one uses them or not in a reading and to what degree has much to do with our own personal understandings of the universe, and the work we choose to take on in this lifetime.

  4. I enjoyed your Post Rhi - I'm a great admirer of those who really identify how and why they read the way they do - I love your mindful outlook and the way you align what you do with your world view.


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