Does this make it official, then?

Been waiting for roughly ten days to hear back from the publisher regarding deal sheet.
Waiting rather impatiently, I might add.

Then again, I don't have patience for my own tendency to procrastinate. So...

Deal sheet came today, though. Yay! Giddiness all over again. I spent the past week in a dreamlike limbo, the mindset of "You were imagining things, Rhi! You dreamed it, vividly. It wasn't real."  It was impetus to keep me working on other projects. Keep me writing, editing. Keep that giddiness momentum going, ride it as long as possible. Yes, I know. That logic has a distinct rational flaw. It's okay. It worked. That's all that matters.

Deal sheet, though!

Haha, take that you devious psyche.  The vivid dreams are never the ones I remember. If I'm lucky.

I stumbled over a few of the details in the deal sheet, though. Found myself reconsidering the prospect of locating an agent. I'm not going to do it right this moment; the contract details weren't negotiable, so it's not really a necessity. But when one lacks the familiarity with standard publishing protocol, and legal jargon, it's stressful. Even in small amounts.

And now I have to once again go off to my day job. Please, Goddess, let there be no more confusion about the unavailability of blank ink.


  1. *throws hand grenade* WhooWhoo! Just sayin'.

    I will try to keep Tweedles from shopping for more blank ink. I'd lost track of him that day... didn't realize he wandered off to your neck of the woods. Sorry about that. ;)

  2. Congrats on co-writing with Aleks. That would indeed be a writer's dream. I can't wait to read it.


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