Introducing the "Meet The Muses" series

Readers always ask where the characters come from. The inspiration, the source, the process... how does one get from intangible fog-bank of concepts, ideas, to the person who comes to life with a few words on the page.  The truly fascinating characters I read -- I share that obsession. How did that one get birthed, anyways?

Toward that end, I thought I would begin a once-monthly series of posts. Each one highlighting a specific muse or character. Introduce them. Try to, when possible, explain how it was they came into existence.  For each muse, there will be three once-weekly posts. The first will include a short excerpt of prose to introduce the character to the audience.  The second will consist of an explanation of how they came to be. And the third week will involve an active interview sequence with the muse.

I do agree with the sentiment that art in its truest form shouldn't be over-analyzed, but instead appreciated for the depth and richness of its beauty. Writing is, without a doubt, a form of art. So I will refrain from picking anything to pieces. Only that which is flawed is truly beautiful, right? Perfection is not only unattainable, but ... boring.  The intent and focus here will be to simply relive the process of birth, the facets and/or phases that each one progressed through to become what they are.  The source(s) of inspiration, be it a song, an acquaintance, a news story, a picture, a dream. Whatever.

I think I can surprise you with the number of muses hiding in my head, waiting to tell their stories. Look for the initial series post on the 1st of December. 


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