FOAT edits, round one.

A four-week interval for edits and rewrites to a 93k manuscript.
I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm trying not to dwell on the time constraints beyond that which is required to actually reach the deadline in a timely and appropriate fashion. Preferably ahead of it, yes?

The biggest points in the process revolve around altering character behavioral responses in the latter part of the story, and altering plot development to trigger greater conflict from said character.
In other words, someone needs to put up more of a fight.
Which is, inherently, what soldiers are born, bred, and trained up to I'm fine with that.

It did a world of good, not looking at the story for a few months. The prose is "fresh", so to speak. I can see the errors, the rough spots, without executing excessive headdesk maneuvers.

Sadly, I think my 40 hours of free Pandora will be exhausted before the deadline is acquired. I like the high energy of the trance genre station a great deal. It's the sort of thing I need to stay awake, and focused, and productive. For me, and for this particular story, it's what works best. I've tried other music, but it's all either distracting or grates against the natural aura of what I feel when I try to channel the characters. Not sure how to explain it, but then, most emotions and sensations escape true portrayal. They're conveyed more accurately in an indirect fashion, I've found.

Admittedly, I spent the weekend -- instead of relaxing and enjoying the last throes of the holidays -- stressing out about !deadlines and !editing and feeling like Achmed when he sings, "Oh holy shit, I think I blew my foot off."

In the words of Tears For Fears, though... break it down again. Those are my dreams, and these are my eyes. No one can ever know all the secrets and truths in life. I don't want to master it all, just own my little corner of reality. To bend it to my will.

Yeah, yeah, I have control issues... =D

Look for the excerpt from Black in a couple days, to start off the Muse series for January.