My Corner of The World

Or, where the magic happens, I guess?
Either way, a writer's little corner of the world usually speaks volumes about their personality, among other things. Some have an office to sequester themselves in, to shut out the outside world and focus. I don't have the space for that -- nor is it really a requirement, when Lap Dog Monster and I are the only ones about, the majority of the time.

So I thought I'd share with all of you what my workspace corner looks like.
Feel free to draw your own psychiatric conclusions *lol*

A corner of the living room, fashioned from a pair of solid wood desks handed down to me from my grandmother. And a matching chair, which, though it looks horribly uncomfortable, keeps me from falling asleep at the desk.
Yes, my walls are some strange, sickening purplish plum color that screams "paint me". I've lived with it for the past six years, so I notice it only subconsciously. Want to come over and help me redecorate?

I'd probably get more done, if my Procrastination Machine (Acer netbook) wasn't so close to the Writing Machine. But yes, that's a Dell Dimensions 2400 series, roughly eight years old, if not more. Recently overhauled by a savvy computer genius/geek, so it runs beautifully, and outfitted with a Vizio 19-inch LED Razor  for a monitor. Easier on the eyes, and my Christmas gift to myself.
That's a brass unicorn just behind the coffee cup, a gift from my daughter. The plush lolcat my son gave me is partially visible in the lower left hand corner. I try to keep it out of direct line of sight, since it's definitely distracting and makes me laugh when I look at it. Aleks' Eye of Fatima is hanging from the joint of the desk lamp.
And yes, Amara, that is indeed your artwork gracing my desktop background. The widescreen HD definitely feels like a window into an Oregon landscape. Loving it.

So there you have it. Cluttered, but cozy, and somehow I manage to not distract myself too terribly. (And if you look really, really close, you can see the editing compilation file minimized on the writing machine's desktop.)

Back to work with me, now. I'll see how much I can get done before I'm off to the dreaded dayjob. At least it's nowhere near as stressful as it once was. Win little victories.


  1. Hey... I know this place! It's a great place. =D

    I like the purple walls, and daughters says... "COOL!" I think she may paint her apartment now.

    Hey! That is my photo on your background. heehee, cool. What's in the cup... ?

  2. Wait, wait. Daughter thinks this is deliberate? No No & No. And Hell No.

    Cup has COFFEE in it. =P Without liquor style creamer, even. Sad, I know. Sigh.

    I've decided that the brass unicorn on the writing desk is a fitting alternative to a brass cricket on the hearth, since I lack one. Maybe I'll birth an entirely fresh tradition.
    And every writer will have a brass unicorn on their desk!


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