Since One Is Never Enough. Ever...

...I now have the sequel to "Black" crawling around in the back of my head, slapping my logic circuits with a rubber mallet, too.

The working title is "Blood Red", the POV character is Black's twin Jhez, and the previously interviewed Konaton, with a few tweaks, looks to be making an appearance as ... well, fuck. An anti-hero. Lacking Darling Daddy as the antagonist, it appears Mommy Dearest will fill the role in his stead.

Jhez is not the easiest muse to work with. Especially not right at the moment. Hopefully her badassery will mellow out soon. I mean... it's threatening to teeter over into bitch at the moment, and while she's good reason, it doesn't endear her to anyone.

...Are you listening to me right now, Jhez? You hearing this? It doesn't. SRSLY.

*sighs* Jhez, of course, is too busy to listen, explaining to Garthelle why an Audi wagon with all-wheel drive is NOT an acceptable off-road vehicle.

So on that note, this writer throws her hands up and heads off to bed.