Small steps and cautious contemplation

The Trunked Novel Rewrite is dangling on the cusp of what will be a violent and messy scene wherein the MC, Jaedyn, attempts (unsuccessfully) to extricate his father from being ravaged to pieces by wild, mind-driven carnivores. The other MC, Renji, hasn't quite yet come to terms with the fact that his love interest has gone from being the general course of my apparent machete-wielding. His introductory chapter is horridly stalled.

Hey, Renji? I promise, I'm doing it with surgical precision. Really, I am. Even if it doesn't appear that way. The excessive blood spatter is disturbing, yet unavoidable.

I guess I'll get back on track with that one when he settles down.

Black's sequel, Blood Red, has hit a Snag-Lag also. Konaton is disbelieving, Jhez is offended, and I threw my hands up and left them alone to stew.

Andrej Pejic .... the face of Black.
Through the course of yesterday evening, though, I did manage to find the face of Black. The hair is wrong, granted, but this androgynous beauty, Andrej Pejic, could kill with a look, I swear.

Makes me wonder what it would cost to permit his likeness to be used in the cover art. It's unrealistic, but just the prospect of it makes me quiver in excitement. And drool.

Hey, I love eye candy as much as the next human.

So that's left me with a severe case of Writing Lethargy today, while the pieces slowly sift into place and take the right form. I'm not procrastinating, just hypersensitive to the way my creative energies ebb and flow. I've been poking through various books, looking for some escapism to assuage my overworked brain.