Food Porn with Jan: Midday Meal

Raspberry cheese danish, soft oatmeal cookie, & a mug of dark roast with a heavy splash of Godiva White Chocolate liquor. And a bit of magic for inspiration. And yes, that's a sink mark plaque sample I'm using for a coaster.
Have been doing some pondering this morning, as I repaired my lawnmower (so difficult, a bit of oil and elbow grease resolved the throttle issue) and gave serious thought to my increasingly dual careers.
Neither of which can be considered "professional" by any measure or stretch of the imagination, mind.

As time passes, however, I am hoping that the career of writer will slide to the forefront. As things stand, I find it rather difficult to consider it more than a very fun hobby, at which I like to consider myself talented. Hell, I'm my own worst critic, I'm entitled to cut myself some slack and be my own best fan now and again. It's healthy. (Obviously, my breakfast wasn't. But it was good.)

Trying to maintain balance, though, is increasingly challenging.
And I'm procrastinating now, and should get back to staring at the screen and fleshing out something of the untitled sequel for "5th Sound, 6th Sense" because otherwise the whole day will be gone and I'll have accomplished nothing in terms of wordcount...


  1. You should be your own best fan. I shall be your 2nd best. :)


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