Music Soothes the Savage Muse

It took all of yesterday and part of today to get the transcribing completed. Much longer than I wanted, but I have a functionally complete plot arc for this futuristic slavefic I've been poking at.
That I actually managed that much? Is mind-boggling to me, to be perfectly honest. I've no idea where it came from. It just kind of dropped into my lap one piece at a time over the past week. And suddenly I'm staring at my Scrivener porn going....

"Wow. I have a completed story arc here. ...How did that happen?!"

I even checked behind the monitor and under the desk for the real writer who came along and did the hard bits of my work for me when I wasn't looking.

Sadly, this is another of those stories that will obviously prove difficult to market. I'm writing it anyways, I don't care how many people think I'm crazy and threaten to petition to have me institutionalized LOL.

I still need to actually write the scenes. But I have a plot outline (that looks nothing like an outline, thanks to Scrivener, as I'm allergic to outlines) and I'm 5k into it, and I can see where it's going. I can't see all of it, not just yet, but I imagine this will lend itself to jumping around and writing more organically instead of chronologically.

Thank you to Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Beat Service, Chicane, Gaia, Governor, Motorcycle, and the hundreds of other artists whose music, via Pandora's trance station, has inspired me.

I couldn't possibly write without the tunage. I thought DEoH had strong trance roots. Maybe it's the science fiction angle that does it. I don't know.

Time to start fleshing out some of this plot.
Because I am going to have someone cracking the whip and brandishing a cattle prod at me on a tight editing schedule before too much longer. The details of that are being withheld for now, on grounds of OPSEC.
Stay tuned for updates.