Adventures @ Haus of Rhi

So. Umm.
This happened yesterday...
And I decided it was the perfect thing to share on a Monday morning.

You should probably set your morning coffee down--and swallow--before you click past the break.

Porch Spider @ Haus of Rhi
He's not really as large as he seems...

This vividly colored fine fellow found his way onto my front porch at some point yesterday. When I encountered him in the window near my front door, he'd already spun a sizable web over the upper portion of the window. 
No big deal. It's a big porch. The flies are trying to find their way inside because it's getting cooler, so the spiders following is understandable, and as long as this one stays on the porch, I'm fine with having a squatter.
He's rather large, I think, but ... okay.

Tomorrow is trash and recycling pick-up, so I gathered the stuff and took it out to the bins, with the intention of taking them out to the street.

And there, (thank you Odin he was outside) I encountered Porch Spider's HUGE ASS BROTHER.

HAB Spider & his shadow

HAB can stay the hell outside, fuck that shit.
He spun the trash bins into his web...

Angry HAB is angry.
And it had just rained. He was a very wet and angry spider.
But Rhi prevailed. The trash and recycling bins were successfully relocated to the street. And HAB retreated to the center of his web's remains. He has all night to rebuild.

And now that I've given you the heebie-jeebies and you're checking everywhere for creepy-crawlies...
Have an awesome Monday!


  1. I live out in BFE in Southern Indiana. We grow everything pretty large out here >.> The orb weavers alone are monstrous. *shivers* Well, at least your bug population should go down ;)

  2. @Kassandra Maybe I just haven't been looking before now or something, but I haven't seen them this large in what seems like forever. Not that I had a bug problem that I was aware of, but now I really won't have one, I guess? My front porch has lots of plants, so they naturally attract bugs.

    One thing I haven't seen this year that we had all kinds of problems with around here is Chinese beetles. Saw a few in early spring but nothing like the infesting swarms of previous years. For which I'm thankful. Their stench is horrible.

    I can't believe I'm rambling about bugs. I need coffee LOL.

  3. @Alex LOL I stuck a warning! :) And I put it behind a jump, too. Jeez. ;)


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