More Adventures @ Haus of Rhi

This one is safe, I swear.

The weather was beautiful Tuesday afternoon, the sky a clear vivid blue.
The temperature was perfect and a brisk breeze was blowing.

I had a short dayjob shift thanks to my inability to say "no" when they asked me to work a release event Monday night. And so I got home at the perfect time to snap some pictures...

My butterfly bush is large and in desperate need of a trimming later this fall. But I can't bring myself to do it just yet. It doesn't attract any large numbers of butterflies or anything, but most days I catch one or two gorging on it.

So in apology for the grotesque webspinners yesterday, especially for Alex who now hates me...

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I'll be writing away at DC in hopes of finishing it before the end of September!


  1. @Alex Yay! :) Maybe I'll go for a drive today and get you some pictures of cows or something. No more spiders.


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