Piaffe is loose in the world.

I've been working on this story for longer than I'd like to admit. It's been written, rewritten, revised, thoroughly overhauled, and rewritten again after sitting for a good long while. If it were a bottle of whiskey or bourbon, it'd be worth a pretty penny at this point.

It's not... but I hope it kicks like one.
This fantasy world is one that's been with me for so long that I've had to include a glossary of terms to anchor readers because it becomes a struggle to remember, in the throes of writing, what is known and what has simply become ingrained in the fiber of my being and flows through my veins.

So I'd like to do a little post introducing you to this not-Earth, where Gaia is called Ommat, the All-Mother, the sacred trees have veins of crystal, and the humans aren't the only recognized sapient species that contributes to the foundation of society and culture.

First, our main players. I realize that readers will create for themselves images of what each character looks like in their mind's eye, and I know firsthand how ingrained those images can become. Sometimes it helps to have an idea of what the writer envisioned, though. Other times it's just fascinating to see how well the image communicates.

Keeping to the order of appearance for continuity's sake, let me introduce you to Eldrenji Sorenne, the idolon wraith. When we first see him, he's strolling through a manda grove. Oh wait, that's probably not the version of him you want to see, is it?

Right, right, here we go.

Eldrenji Sorenne

This is Russian model Valery Kovtun, and he's quite delicious, isn't he? Aedis Idolon tends toward this paler complexion, something about the wraithen aura bleeding through.
And here's Davyn, his insignis. Bit of a ghost himself, actually. You'd think they'd get on a bit better than they do.

Jaedyn Myfala
Jaedyn w/ Torrin

Here's Jaedyn, our broody, dark MC. When we first meet him, he's riding an Astator named Torrin, and hunting down a potential threat. Turns out that threat they encounter is a feline, a messenger of sorts.
If you've read the excerpt on my website, then you'll probably recognize these next few images for what they are:
The Jasper Cliffs
The Nosy Insignis

The Belbus
The Feline Messenger

I hope that you enjoy your foray into this rich world I've created. There will be more to come as we follow Jaed and Renji on their adventures.

If you're interested in seeing more of what my muses look like, what the puzzle pieces of this world resemble, I welcome you to scroll through the DC tag on my Tumblr, which you can find right here.