I Sense a Disturbance in the Force

It's official: Black has found a home at Riptide Publishing.
A newly formed, not-yet-launched small press, Riptide has gathered together a bevy of reputable names for its stable in its first-round selection. There's no such thing as open subs at this joint. It's by invitation or referral only.
And Black is sitting pretty over there, grinning like a loon and feeling a tad bit out of place to say the least.

Sort of like the college quarterback that gets picked up as a first-round draft pick by the team they've grown up rooting for.
Then again, seeing as how I am one of the first-round selections... perhaps that isn't an entirely accurate analogy.
But it's kinda how the "n00b" over here feels. Just a wee bit.

I mean, check out that list of authors! It's like a who's who in M/M.
Makes me feel a little... well. A few different songs come to mind.