Trunks & Running Lights, If Only Horses Had Them

I've accumulated three days' worth of longhand writing that needs transcribed.

Want, desperately, to get it done before my days off Sunday and Monday, because I always feel so unproductive when I do nothing but type things I've already written. The upsides -- I'm writing again, on my lunch breaks, and the transcription process allows me to edit/polish as I go. Instead of wondering what sort of shite I typed the day previous when I sit down to the computer to work.

The downsides -- I rarely get anything 'new' written, and sometimes berate myself for being unproductive as a result.

There were a few people who read the original version of the Trunked Novel and loved it. Were annoyed, even, that I failed to finish the second volume of it in that incarnation. The problem was I stopped feeling the main character. I matured and evolved to a place where I could no longer relate, could no longer functionally channel her. One way or another, the entire story would need rewritten in order for me to finish it. So here I go again, reincarnating it. This is surely Life Number Five, but I get the feeling this time it won't be "country bumpkin is speshul and saves the world!" in nature.

Trunked Novel has evolved into the story of two men. Eldrenji embraces his conscription into the military out of a sense of duty. Jaedyn embraces his military service as a means to an end -- and that end is cold-blooded vengeance.

In the course of the story, the honor of the first will soften the heart of the second. And Jaedyn's determination to right a wrong inspires Eldrenji to fight for who and what he is. Two soldiers, learning from one another, and in the end each making the other a better man.

Whether duty will be fulfilled or the need for vengeance satisfied remains to be seen. I have a general "training wheels" outline for this overhaul rewrite, but beyond that... well, it's their story. This baby will run dark if need be. With the stars to steer by.