In Living Color

DEoH is released for purchase, in both e-book and audio formats.
I was so happy, I forgot to make a blog post yesterday. I spent the morning sleeping in, actually and by the time I rolled out of bed, I think my co-writer was starting to think the world really was flat and I'd fallen off the edge and would never be heard from again.
I made up for it by popping in on his fan-group chatroom and gabbing with the fans for a bit.

And I still have no understanding of what algorithm this "Most Popular" list on Carina's website uses, but DEoH is sitting in second place. Page views? Purchases? I'm actually dying to know how they calculate that list ranking *lol* Kind of a "yeah my book's on there, but what's it mean?" sort of reaction.

I'm looking forward to seeing the reactions and reviews of readers trickle in as they finish reading. Will be interesting to see.

And I'm going to make an attempt at writing, later today, after I get this week's #soldierporn links update drafted and live. It's *late* this week, obviously.