I'd just like to say that it was thrill enough to see my and Aleks' book on the top of the "Most Popular" list weeks before its release. That alone was, to be honest, more than I'd dreamed of.

But two days after, to have it sitting on the top yet again...
I am humbled by the volume of attention this implies. From Aleks' fans, and others.
Thank you. Seeing DEoH on that list will not get old, let me tell you.

Curious to see how long it will stay there, myself.
Anyone willing to place some wagers? What are the odds? I'm not ordinarily the betting sort, to be honest. But I do love numbers. And I've no sales stats to play with, so I'm totally twiddling my thumbs right now.


Right. Like I don't have other stories to write, yeah? *laughs* Okay, I'll stop wishing for statistical data that I don't have access to, and sales figures that I can't have, and go back to what I get paid for.
Giving Good Book.

Oh, and all those interview questions for the Riptide Blog Cruise. *cringes*
Any help you guys would like to offer would be great. What are the things you like seeing an author discuss in an interview? Do you care what their favorite color is? Would you rather hear about how they come up with their ideas, than who the influencing authors in their lives were?

Toss some things at me. I'd love to draft answers to the questions the readers would find interesting.


  1. I like to hear about what books they are reading or are their favorites. :D That's a nice general question.


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