Depressingly Optimistic

About two thousand words of transcription accomplished today-- five pages of longhand transferred to Scrivener, on the writing machine.

This was managed between bouts of working on interview files (and praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster, they're done at last) and random power outages and even a nap. It's been a very busy and productive day. And tomorrow is free for fresh words, which I fully intend to make very good use of. Though I expect there to be some interruption for another attempt at Taming of the Mulberry.

It is not a tree, it is a bush, and I no longer care what it thinks. So what if it's flora discrimination. I prefer my roof intact. The birds will find another tree in which to eat berries, chirp mindlessly, nest, and defecate everywhere. And I'm certain they'll be blissfully happy in their new home, oblivious to the loss.

Also, interruptions for working on some promo blog posts. I have something like six more to write. At least. And Military Monday's website update content to draft. After DADT dies on September 20th, the updates will bump to once a month. I'll be hard at work on Black's edits by then, not to mention my writing projects; so unless someone devises a way to fit more than 24 hours in a day, something will have to give. Sad as it is, those updates are where the "give" is going.

Other News:
Nicole on Romance Book Reviews reviewed DEoH. She gave it a "B" grade and called it a "dark, painful, difficult yet beautiful book."

I received a very beautiful mock of the painting that will be the cover art for "Blacker Than Black." It's stunning, I can't wait to get my hands on the final version and share it.

And apparently my favorite model--Serbian-born Australian Andrej Pejic--doesn't get out of bed for less than $50 a day. Love his deadpan sense of humor.