Plotting to Take Over the World

Err, my little corner of it, at any rate.
I shall be Nano-ing this year.
Yep, you heard me right.

I have every intention of being done with Black edits come November--or at least the bulk of them--and have been inspired to rejoin the writing frenzy. Last time I participated was 2009. (I think everyone would probably agree that Aleks and I did our Nano in August.) In keeping with Black's love for Nano, I'm planning on working on the sequel, tentatively titled "Blood Red."
Yes, I'd been working on this project previously... but it hit a snag/encountered an IED/lost all momentum. So I'll be beginning again from scratch, taking a different directional approach. We'll see how things fare.

This time around, I've a few more secondary characters to add into the mix, and while I'm not sure Blue will appreciate it too much, he'll just have to suffer.