Saturday Snark!

Today's snark is an excerpt from my current WIP:

“Has Guardian sent someone to witness?” Jaedyn stared at the Emendati, not recognizing either of them as a miles or insigni who’d frequented the ranch in past. Carrying messages, more often than not.
Though what messages the Emendatio had for an emeritus remained far beyond Jaedyn’s grasp.

“We are venatori.” The man spoke up before Augustus could answer, which earned him a piercing glance. “I am Naethyn Ratan, my insignis is Horus. We were dispatched to escort you back to Favillu.”

“So then the answer is no.” Jaedyn nodded. “You could’ve saved some breath and just said so.”


  1. ha!
    Now I'm curious about the rest of the story.

  2. @sue laybourn - Check out the tags list, I think I've a few other excerpts from it floating around in the ether. =)

  3. *gasp* Ooohhhh Jayden's story. love love LOVE :D

  4. Ha! Love it!
    Thanks for participating again! :-)

  5. Hehehehehehe... great one Rhianon :-)


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