Making Ugly Beautiful

I still haven't repainted my living room -- the walls are still some strange hue of fuchsia/pink/purple/raspberry or whatever the hell it is. I'm learning to appreciate it. Or maybe I've just stopped seeing it, or something.
I'm not really one of those people that hangs stuff on the walls everywhere. But I'm finding ways to make the walls pretty, without painting them. And I am far from a quality photographer, either. I just point and click.

Like this:

I still can't decide if I like it with the cover flat at the bottom, or if I should switch it so that it's at the top. I had wanted a horizontal side-by-side frame, but of course I couldn't find one. And I refuse to be so OCD that I start worrying that the frames don't match.

I will not hoard matching frames so that future additions are coordinated. That kills the time-progression and spontaneity associated with it. For me, at least.
And this is my Author Bragging Wall, so it's "all about me."

Hey, everybody should have one. At least. Showcasing the things in their life that they're proud of.

I've been wanting to get it up on the wall for a while now, so I got the frame that was closest to what I wanted, and I'll work with it. Which is what I tend to do with most things in life anyways.

Ignore the dust bunnies and such. And yes, that's still the ... seven year old Dell Dimensions tower. I've been lusting after a powerhouse Acer desktop at work, but I've resisted so far. I keep everything I have on it backed up regularly, and I don't run anything on it but MS Word, Scrivener, and a browser for when I really don't feel like flash-driving a file to the laptop when I want to email something. It works. Efficiently. And keeps me from distracting myself unintentionally.


  1. Yaaay! The walls are still purple :D This pleases me. I liked the walls of mah happy place. ;)

    Nice cover flat framing. love Love LOVE :D


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