Happy Writer is ... Happy.

Like, big cheeseburger-eatin' LOLcat grin.

Editor sent back FOAT for round three tweaks. This is the last of it. From here on out it'll be all line edits and typos. She was absolutely ecstatic with the way Aleks and I reworked the ending/plot climax & resolution. It's a much stronger story for the changes, Just some minor content changes to be made... and we're still a couple weeks to the good.

Creating a hard copy of Black is turning out to be my saving grace. Actually reading it on paper seems to be resolving the issue I was having reading it on the screen. Mainly, I couldn't remember what was actually in the story, and what had been there versus what I'd altered. It was all... getting muddled. This is the "cleaning pass" read. Red pen in hand. I don't understand where the lack of clarity was coming from, but this is working much better than I even hoped for. I can see where the development tweaks need to be, and after reading it this way, I expect that writing the synopsis will be a breeze. Or, I have my fingers crossed and am hoping it will be, anyways. It's coming along nicely though, and the frustration with the alterations is gone. I'm able to see the beauty in it again, like I wasn't able to for a while there.

So very glad my knife-stabbing episode didn't kill this one...


  1. I love everything about this post. They only other thing I can really say is...

    Claymores and hand grenades ;)


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