My analogy tank is dry.

The hard-copy read-through of Black is now complete, finally. It took roughly a week, given the three-day weekend break I took from it.
Problem spots identified, and I've one or two scenes to expand upon, a few minor alterations to make, through the middle of the story, to get things flowing properly. And then it will be ready for synopsis-writing.
I laugh at myself, every time I get scared by the prospect of writing one of those. It's hilarious. I know how to write an executive summary of a detailed business report, after all. How hard can a simple synopsis be? Not hard, Rhi. Get a grip. Jeez.

Third round edits will be coming my way from Aleks, soon. Going to knock out what I can until then, and then Black will take the back-burner for a few days while those are addressed. I expect I'll have Black off my desk and on his way to the editor at Carina by the middle of the month...

Fingers crossed, hoping it goes that smoothly at least. Life does seem to have a way of rearing its ugly head and disturbing my well-laid plans. Just when I least want it to. Haha. :)