My Shiny.

I got called into the day job on my day off, of course.
Returned home that evening to a huge box with a UPS label sitting outside my door.
Latest addition to the writing space is a nice shiny laser printer. And pardon my geekiness, but I think it's sexy.
Of course, I had to use it right away. That's Black, in all its 370 pages of glory, sitting on my newly acquired office chair. Printing it out had become a necessity. It's too huge a file for me to handle edits on the computer. I needed to see it. To be able to spread it out on my desk a few chapters at a time and see the various threads of the plot at a glance. I'm a skim/speed reader, but it's difficult to get that same at-a-glance effect of summarizing on a computer screen. Word can throw up four pages at a time but the text at that point is too small to be practical. Unless I had a 32-inch hanging on the wall serving as a secondary desktop.
Yeah, maybe some time in the future.
If nothing else, this will help me build a timeline, an outline, for the synopsis-writing purpose. It'll also help me see the balance between character development and plot development. Where additional scenes that I want to insert should optimally go to maintain a balance.
Something else I noticed. When I was writing Black, I elected not to use numbered chapters. Instead, each chapter has a heading that gives a general idea of what takes place. Almost like an anthology of short stories. Some of the chapters are only five pages long. Others are ten, sixteen, or twenty. Not sure, from a reader's standpoint, what that does for the pacing. I'd like to keep the "titles", but a good number of the chapters need combined. And I'm giving serious consideration to doing away with the "titling" entirely and reverting to numerical labels. There's enough that's different about this story as it is. I don't want that to be excessive, to contribute to the reader's discomfort even further. An alternative would be to combine them into numbered chapters, and retain the existing title segmentation within them since the labeling is roughly done per scene.
It'll require some thought.
While I let that rest, I need to work on the reinsertion of character development scenes that I excised during the rewriting of the second half of the story. They need to go back in, I'm just working on spacing and pacing them appropriately.

Wanted this one off my desk for my birthday, but it looks like it'll be a tad late simply because of the day job's impromptu demands. Soon, though. Very soon. It's almost there.