Jack and John O'Lantern

I will be the first to admit that I don't celebrate holidays with the same gusto or ... flair ... that many employ. I also hate carving pumpkins. Knives and I, we don't get on too well. Never mind the guts, and the gross rot thing that always happens. I love roasted pumpkin seeds more than the next person, but the mess just isn't really worth it...

Jack & John O'Lantern. They're just friends.
So this year I substituted with a couple plastic decorative pumpkins, which were indiscriminately attacked with a Sharpie marker.
Say hello to Jack and his slightly psychotic fiend--I mean friend--John.
Alas, they don't light up. Yet. I imagine with a drill and a nightlight, I can make some magic happen. Hey guys, you okay with me shoving lights up your butts?
...I'm getting flat stares.


  1. Sure wish I'd have thought to do that back in the day. Seems soooo much better than having punkin' guts all over the kitchen. and living room. and... well, everywhere.


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