Look What I Found!

Isn't that just the most gorgeous cover art ever? In the history of books?
Mind you, it isn't done yet. (Yeah that made me goggle a bit as well.)
Soon, though, very soon.

Also, Riptide's Launch Party is officially starting-- you can get the details over on Amara's Place. Here are the highlights:

(1) They're open for pre-orders. Yes, you can bounce on over there and purchase an ebook format of Blacker Than Black. Is that not awesome??

(2) They've publicized four open submission calls. Themed ones, but get this: they have short, novella and full-length classifications for each one, so whatever you might have, I'm sure it would fit. Go forth and polish those puppies.


  1. So beautiful!! ... and It's not done?! haha... awesome on so many levels. xD


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