One More Day

I've been rather quiet the past week, but there's a good reason, I swear there is! ...It's because I can't find much to say when all my energies are focused on writing. And that's where my mind has been, since Friday of last week. Writing. And...more writing.

My week-long vacation is coming to a close. I've enjoyed the generous downtime. So has my writing. And while I haven't churned out monumental word counts or anything, I expect the WIP will be sitting pretty at 50k when I head back to the doldrums of The Day Job tomorrow.

Sadly, I've no idea if that is supposed to be the halfway point, or what it is precisely. I'm refraining from sharing too many excerpts just now, since it's still in the formative "I don't even have a complete draft yet" stage. So, instead, I give you my muse.

This is Jaedyn Myfala. And... he has a neck fetish. Apparently.
It's a good thing he's so nice to look at, because he's going to be hanging around a while.

Which is fine. I am gleefully willing to throw him in the meat-grinder at every opportunity. His resilience is beautiful. Though he does glare at me a bit when I start lobbing curve balls at him.

And now I'm back off to the Writing Machine, to crank out the next scene. Have a good weekend, and stay tuned for my 6-Sentence Sunday post!