WIP Wednesday: Dancing Circles

Randomly, from the chapter/scene I'm currently slaving my way through.
When it became obvious that he wouldn't relent so easily, Jaedyn lapsed back into his sporadic stream of banter. ::Back home....:: The texture of his posse twitched, fluttered, momentarily jagged edges and bristling barbs before smoothing out again. ::The foreman and his second told me something of the Idoloni.::
Jaedyn uttered 'second' but it wasn't just the word. Instead, Renji had a flash of this complex and beautiful thing, a thickly rooted solidarity, love running so deep and strong it would never change course. Obviously the arĂȘte had thoroughly addled Renji's brain; it took conscious effort to focus past the simple sensory pleasure of the consensus and on what the man was discussing, as Jaedyn explained what he'd been told.