Six Sentence Sunday: Dark Edge of Honor

My very first 6-Sentence Sunday! Going to start off easy, with an excerpt from "Dark Edge of Honor" where Mike gets his first good look at Sergei. (He's such a perv.)
The deep baritone carried across the short distance, smooth and thick, so heavily accented that it took a few seconds of lag for Mike's brain to translate.
It was a pathetic excuse for a balcony--forget a lounge chair, the soldier barely had room to pace its measure, let alone turn around. The man studied the structure, bounced his weight back and forth in his widespread stance, arms folded.
Mother of gods, the man was built like a battle cruiser and easily topped six foot. The spread of his shoulders dwarfed the doorway at his back. There was no missing the strain of musculature beneath the dark fabric and blood-red pinstriped trousers as he shifted his weight, then twisted to glance back over his shoulder into the dark confines of the room behind him.
Read a full excerpt or get a copy of it from Carina Press, here.
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  1. Sexy! Great six and welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! It's a great place to be x

  2. Oh so well described, I like this very much - and I have a soft spot for war tales... :)

  3. Welcome to SSS! Love this excerpt, thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks to all of you, for the warm welcome.
    I'm sure I'll be doing a lot more of these, it was fun!


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